The last Christmas was different for me. I was in Spain the second weekend of December and I celebrated Christmas with my family. We prepared the special food that we usually eat on Christmas eve and we gave each other the gifts two weeks before Christmas, so I can say that I had family Christmas but I really felt the Christmas spirit when we went out in Zagorje and we saw all the lights on trees and everywhere, it was beautiful and quite different than in Spain, brighter.


Christmas is a family time. Everybody around have fun with families and friends and also around food. This is not a big difference between Spain and Slovenian, of course the food is different but both are delicious. The first day of the two most important Christmas days, Christmas Eve, I went to Nina’s house (my coordinator) and I could see and taste how Slovenian people enjoy that day. The second most special day, New Year, I was in Škofja Loka with other EVS volunteers who also spent Christmas here. It was an international night! We shared our different customs for this day and we also tasted food from different countries, those were: Russia, Slovakia, Italy and Lithuania.

In despite that I was far away of my family and friends on Christmas it was special and different with new friends and I will never forget it.

Nuria Sebastián García,

EVS volunteer in Zagorje