The importance of English

Diverse Human Hands Holding Word English

A few years ago I thought that English language was not so important, I thought that if I knew Spanish, it will be enough for me. But then I realised that if you don’t know English you loose many things. You loose the opportunity to meet people from different countries, and also a lot of movies, music, documentaries and articles are in English. English is so present actually.

Imagine that you are in a desert island with people from the whole world. Which language do you think they will talk to each other?

It’s true the most spoken language is Chinese but English is the most chosen to study as a second language, and it is also one of the easiest in the world.

You can get to know about other cultures from different countries, other’s thought and personalities.  You can search that information on internet in your own language but it is not the same.

One of the important reasons why I decided to do an EVS was to learn English, and at the same time you learn about your own language, comparing the differences between them. You will get an open mind and you will have more doors opened.

Laura López de Egea
EVS volunteer in Zagorje