I started to take Slovenian lessons a few weeks ago. We have one lesson per week but we learn something from our new friends everyday, so we are learning formal and informal Slovenian. I think it is very interesting language and similar to Spanish. Yes it is. Well, almost. The vocabulary is completely different but the way to make the sentences is very similar and both nations have the same expressions, but of course, in other words. A very simple example for this are the sentences/expressions: I know/I don’t know, in Slovenian is: “jaz vem” or only “vem”/ “ne vem” and in Spanish is: “yo sé” or only “sé”/ “no sé”. It is very interesting for me and also funny because when I speak Slovenian is like speaking Spanish with other words.


When I said that I like Slovenian language the people from Zagorje ask me “why” or “really”, I don’t know why but I really like it. I think this is because we think in the same way, is the same, “isto je”, “lo mismo”. I cannot wait to learn more and more Slovenian and I have to do it because I bet with slovenian friends, that I will be able to have a conversation only in Slovenian till the end of my EVS project.

Nuria Sebastian Garcia, EVS volunteer