Arrival training

From 19th to 23th of September I was on Arrival training. This is a little course to prepare EVS volunteers. There were 25 volunteers from different countries and 3 coordinators.  We were in Hotel Adrian in Ankaran, at the seaside. Every day we did different activities to know each other and share our cultures, ideas and interests. The coordinators also did informative presentations about useful topics. I’m sure that this week will help us a lot in our project during the next months, because now we have more knowledge to move on.


One of the activities was to do a project in separate groups of  5 people approximately, and then we have to show our project to others with a presentation and a video. For example, my project was in the street. We had a big poster and the people from the street had to write a word in their language, and with this words we wrote in the poster ”EVS SLV 2016”.  The words were positive like happiness, peace or smile. It was very funny and useful to work in team. We improved the organization, communication and coordination, and we helped each other a lot.

Everybody were so friendly, they helped me a lot in the difficult moments, because for me was very difficult to understand all and speak in English and they were great with me. On the other hand, is also easier for us because all of us were in the same situation and everything was new. I think that the most important in this week was to meet new people because it is a wonderful way to learn new things and to be happy.  And now, we will meet each other to visit Slovenia and to do different events and activities together.  We will never forget this experience.

Laura López de Egea