My first impression in Zagorje ob Savi

When I arrived to Zagorje ob Savi, the most awesome for me were the mountains. I love nature. Unfortunately, in Barcelona, where I lived, there are not many mountains as I would like. The cities in Spain are also beautiful, the buildings and all lights are shining in the city during the night. But also, there are a lot of cars, polution and everyday is very stressfull. In Zagorje you can breath fresh air and feel the peace. Because of that people from here look more peacefull, happy and pleasant.


Other thing that fascinates me is that when you look around, you cannot see more cities, only mountains. In Barcelona, you only see more and more cities. For the people from here it is normal, but for me it is very exciting. For example, the other day, Nuria and me saw a pond. For us this pond was very beautiful and for our friends from here it was like a puddle. I think when it will snow and I will see everything white, I will scream of emotions.

In conclusion, I do not regret to choose this country to do my EVS. I think that this place have something special that you cannot see but you can feel.

Laura López de Egea, EVS volunteer