Magical atmosphere

Before coming to Slovenia we searched for some information about the country and the town where we will do our EVS (me and my partner in this adventure, Laura). We are Spanish and we were very excited with this travel and we wanted to know everything about Slovenia and Zagorje.

The first that I found was this sentence: Green heart of Europe; I was already in love. This is very different than the place where I live in Spain, Valencia. I love nature, so that was a good point to start. I also read about education, but maybe I will write about this in another post.


We arrived on Thursday, the first of September and we were very impressed by the landscape: green mountains, beautiful lakes and pretty towns. It looked like a movie, we were tired but we couldn’t sleep during the travel from Venice to Ljubljana.

The landscape is the first that you see when you arrive, but the most awesome for me are people. They are cheerful, they are always ready to help you with a smile and this is very comfortable for us because we didn’t know any Slovenian word and we speak “SpainEnglish”. When we go to a store to buy something, the workers strive to understand us and to help us to find what we want. People who work in MC ZOS are also very friendly and they offer us everything, so we feel like at home. I think this is because they live in a fantastic and magical atmosphere. I cannot wait to know more and more about Slovenian culture and meet a lot of people.

Nuria Sebastian Garcia, EVS volunteer