Shut up and dance with me

It’s 6 o’ clock in the morning. And Monday. Grrrr, it’s Monday again, not really your favourite. After the lovely, but always short weekends, the usual story starts again. You are waiting at the railway station of Hrastnik for the train which takes you to Ljubljana, to your workplace or school. It’s cold outside, the coffee has no effects yet, your eyes are still half-closed, all your body wants to be in your bed. Yeah, typical Monday morning.

So you are struggling with your negative thoughts, when suddenly an unusual happening, the song of Goran Bregovic has began. „Gas, gas, gas, gas, gas, gas!” And then 3 youngsters start dancing for it, later 3 more and in the end 9 of them are jumping around. Some of them have flags or national clothes and the whole dance doesn’t look improvized since they are doing the same coreography. And you, the people there? The lady and the young girl next to you started recording them, somebody is taking photos, some of them are just smiling, but that boy opposite doesn’t even care, he is just on the phone. When the dancers finished, they shouted gladly „Hrastnik!” and took some boards which formed „Hrastnik is fun” and „EVS”, the rest of them were distributing flyers.

A bit later, the same thing happaned at the train stations of Trbovlje, Zagorje and Litija.




What was going on in Zasavje? Probably not everyone, but most of you know this seemingly pointless, unexpected dance in public places what is called flash mob. My name is Vivi, I was one of the dancers there. We are all the volunteers of the Youth Centers (mladinski centri) in Hrastnik, Trbovlje, Zagorje and Litija and the participants of the European Voluntary Service (EVS), what we explained on our flyer:



Our goal was to draw people’s attention that they have Youth Centers here, in Zasavje region and with this organisations they have the great opportunity to become EVS volunteers. Since we wanted to express the mobility and do the flash mob at the train stations, we informed the Slovenian railway company what to expect and their workers prooved how a friendly company works. As they heard, they immadiately became open, enthusiastic and very helpful about the idea. The PR department even arranged a meeting with us to discuss the exact details. So we didn’t have obstacles anymore, it was just time to dance for the people!

How was it? Can you imagine? Are you curious? Check it out! Here it is!



In my opinion it was successfull, it was worth and a pleasure to do. It is never a waste of time to do something not usual, to catch people’s attention for a good purpose!
EVS is an amazing experience and Zasavje region is much better than people think about it.


Vivien Olasz, EVS volunteer of Mladinski Center Zagorje ob Savi