EVS – After the adventure

1017729_732006386842628_4169233445838780335_nHave you ever heard about EVS Erasmus+ projects?


If you don’t, I am now here to tell you something about my extraordinary and wonderful experience in Slovenia, to be precise in a small town called Zagorje ob Savi, where I lived and worked with MC ZOS and some wonderful colleagues. Just work? I don’t think so!




Our life, as we DON’T know it

In my opinion and according to my experience, EVS life is completely different than our normal life. It’s something unpredictable, you never know what it’s going to happen. Everything is possible, everything is new, everything is faster.


And now, let’s talk about me: being Italian and staying for 5 months in Slovenia, talking English 24/7 has been a not insignificant challenge. I remember the very beginning, I remember how clumsy I was while talking with the others (misunderstanding almost everything) and while working: so many tasks and activities that made me going postal before; love the place, the job and the people after.
The trauma of starting a new life there made then way to happiness and astonishment indeed, in a short time. EVS is not only work as I have said before, but friendship, travel and joy of being alive as well: I realized it when I started to meet new friends, either locals or from so many different countries, enjoying good time and traveling with them around Slovenia. Different nationalities and habits are not-so-big obstacles as far as I understood, it’s also true that you need to watch out sometimes, anyway, but it’s my opinion. I experienced some episodes of selfishness, exclusion, brainwashing and friend-stealing, I tell you better watch out for this reason. Difficult situations, useful too, because they made me understand how to behave when things like those happen: think with my own mind, without caring too much of the bad things.
But I lived many more episodes of smiling, cordiality, harmony, politeness, kindness, affection and solidarity, so the true energy and the true meaning of EVS. Why did it happen? Everyone is different, but respect comes first of everything else and it must be a two-way connection.
And so it was: so many available and joyful friends, wonderful experiences in the spirit of true respect and friendship, in some places where my heart lain: Zagorje, Krško and Škofja Loka, where the best people I ever met in my EVS live. Places and people that will have a special place in my heart forever, along with the unforgettable emotions they gave me in these months, mine to keep in my best memories, proudly.
I am now stronger, more determined and, probably, a bit wiser. Someone can ask me what this experience has been good for, and regardless the bunch of things I learnt and my knowledge of English increased, I can reply: it has been good for discovering the good side of the world, and making me feel alive!


Alessandro Mariani