Slovenia in a day – From dawn till night

slovenia-in-a-dayHave you ever imagined how Slovenia is from the eyes of an Italian guy? If you are curious, you have the possibility to discover it and you have no excuses to not do it: on the 11th of December, Slovenia in a day photographic exhibition has opened the doors, for you, in MC ZOS.

The intimate charm of Slovenia

‘So? Shall we start?’, that was my question before opening the exhibition and crossing the Mala hala door when the clock stroke 7PM. Someone was looking forward it, me as well since I was the first one who wanted. No fear in my heart, but excitement and positive energy instead: my last event, my last stand, my final showdown in Slovenia, so I wanted the best for me and for my friends, and so it was.

Some food was for us to eat, a very very personal variation (or imitation to be exact) of krumpantoč, the famous Zasavje recipe. To open the event a brief presentation by Marko and me was held, something really easy and informal to explain the main purpose of the event: to show the beauty of one day spent in Slovenia, from dawn till night through landscapes, people, details and ironical situations you cannot see everyday.

Everything came from a dream in which a trip and a glimpse were, maybe a precognitive dream, so strange as wonderful, which I brought to reality disclosing that glimpse: I saw the light, a photographic exhibition called Slovenia in a day.

An intimate night, warmed up by the people I love to be with, in good mood, appreciation and the usual smiling, pleasant and friendly atmosphere we always had in Zagorje MC.

And now, this is the time to remember and love this place, my second beloved home, more than I have done so far, the more I can, as my heart lies within here.

Alessandro Mariani

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