EVS Zasavje +

11958076_10207000799151265_3912091819221793400_oSooo what could be this blog article about? EVS is European Voluntary Service. Zasavje is one region in Slovenia where we live and plus is a mathematical sign. How can they make sense together?

The youth centers from Hrastnik, Trbovlje, Zagorje and Litija decided to make a project together with the help of their EVS volunteers. And why is that plus in the end? We have two explanasions. 1: It means Litija, because this city is not clearly the part of the region. 2: It means that with this project we’ll give something PLUS to this area ;)
The general opinion of Slovenian people about Zasavje is direful. Those who live here think this is a boring place, nothing is going on, there are no workplaces…. And the opinions from out of the region are even worse. Their thouths immadeitaly: unemployment rate, air pollution, depression, ugly. Nobody sees the bright side of it, nobody mentiones the good things here.

This is one of the main goals of the project. To show them from the foreigners point of view the beuties and the opportunities. To open their eyes a bit.
Is it boring here? Nothing is going on? Go to the events of the youth centers! Be a volunteer!
Not enough? You cannot imagine living here anymore? Let’s apply for an EVS!

So an exciting period in my EVS has begun since I love working in a team, cooperate and create something new. I’m just talking, but what is this project exactly? You’ll see in January! ;)

Vivi, EVS volunteer