Big Foot Mama – the boys are back in town

big-foot-mama-websiteOn the 24th of October, an unmissable event has been held here in Zagorje. Thanks to Šklab, for the true music lovers, for young and old and for anyone else, Big Foot Mama performed in the town, again, for free! As usual for this small slice of Heaven, the mood was full of happiness, enthusiasm and harmony.


Zagorje Rock City

Don’t you know who they are yet or are you too young? Big Foot Mama is one of the most famous and record-breaking Rock bands in Slovenia since the 90s, since they performed from small clubs to bigger festivals up to places like Ljubljana’s Hala Tivoli, Križanke and Hala Stožice: something really incredible for a Rock band, and now they arrived in Zagorje. Sensational, don’t you think?

The big night was held next to Tone Okrogar school in a big tent, in which many (hundreds probably?) people stood and (cheap) food and drink were available for everybody. Before the main event some other musicians took the stage, like Seven days in May, Baby Octopus and Undercover, that gathered lots of music lovers under the stage, warming up the scene.

And then, at 11.30, a kind of magic fulfilled the place: Big Foot Mama finally arrived: a huge crowd of people came closer to the stage to show their love to the 25-years-career Rock band. Singing, waving hands, raising lighters, dancing pogo, smiling and having fun among the Zagorje people. Everybody you know in here was there, everybody cheering at you: the warmth of a small town with nice people.

Crowd = Chaos? Bedlam? Hell? Of course…. NOT!
Crowd = Fun, Smiles, Company, Friendship and.. of course.. a lot of Love!

It was 1.30, and the concert came to the end, but not before the people asked for an encore: the yell ‘Big Foot Mama! Big Foot Mama! Big Foot Mama!‘ resounded in the air, and so, the band came back on the stage again as they were sorry to leave.

It was a cold night, but true love for music and for people warmed us up. A night to remember, for Zagorje and for us, as everything spectacular lives in our heart.


Alessandro Mariani (Courtesy for photo: Big Foot Mama’s website)