Petkova 5ka – MC is alive and kicking!



MCZOS-plakatOn the 9th of October, the best-loved place in town celebrated its birthday and now is even stronger than before! As time goes by, it gets to be more and more important in this cozy environment called Zagorje ob Savi, and its fifth birthday is an extremely important goal for it and for all the people in here. Excitement is felt in the air, emotions arise.


All together to celebrate MC

How was it? Saying Petkova 5ka was successful is little, because it was astounding, wonderful, spectacular, amazing: everything could happen in that night and nobody expected such a resounding success. Preparation was long, intensive and sometimes tiresome, but it was worth it, absolutely!

After some days raining, weather gave us mercy and it was very fair, a good evening to have party time! People started to enter MC and immediately smiles appeared on their faces. ‘Here is a small present for you, thank you for coming!’ was the phrase Vivi and Tjaša said to the people, giving them a small symbolic gift, and it was just the beginning.

A pleasant presentation was held by the good Urska and Bajta, always joking, smiling and kidding about the Mladinski Center’s five-years-history and its most important happenings. And what about the stand-up comedy? All the big hall was laughing out loud. Attendance participation was great, among old and new friends, even from some other places, cities, towns, villages.

After that, time to eat, for a more-than-one-hundred-people army. Some waiters from school prepared delicious finger-food, some wine and champagne, managing the event in a very professional way. This place is for the people, it’s well-known by now, and for this reason the event was a wonderful occasion to be among friends, talking with them always with pleasure and also meeting someone new, someone good: there is no room for the bad ones in here!

The photo corner, the crazy shots all together, the wacky poses to remember the night and show the actual soul of MC: even the most professional and serious workers can reveal their craziest side because everybody has one. Unbelievable, weird, but true!

Night is gone now, but Mladinski Center is here, alive and kicking, stronger and stronger, always open for everybody, because it’s our place, and it’s ours to keep!


EVS volunteer at Mladinski center Zagorje

Alessandro Mariani