09.10.2015 | Informator, Projekt, Znanja

Let’s break this (mental) wall – training course

12088040_1557468367842640_6482795988723368272_n“Let’s break this (mental) wall”– project implemented by Fundacja Młodzi dla Europy (Poland) and partner organizations. Between 09. 10. – 16. 10. 2015 organized a training course within the Erasmus + Programme, designed for youth workers from 8 countries: Poland, Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria. Our activities were held in the city of Wisła (Silesian district) – a small tourist town in the southern Poland. In addition, our project was under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of the city of Wisła – Tomasz Bujok.

The main objective of the training was primarily:
– Assist learners, often with fewer opportunities in the acquisition of competencies (knowledge and practical skills), entrepreneurship and create their own local initiatives.
– Support youth workers to acquire and expand their knowledge, tools and working out new ways of working with young people excluded.
– Increasing the synergies and complementarities with the proposed formal education dimension of our non-formal and vocational education in the field of “practical” entrepreneurship.
– Revise the perception of certification of non-formal (increase awareness of the rank of Youthpass certificates and foreign education).
– Supporting non-formal learning.

All our actions are based on non-formal education methods, and classes conducted in English by two experienced trainers.
Our participants had the chance not only to work together within a week of training, integrate with each other, bind new friends, but also to learn about their culture, customs during intercultural evenings. Through our training, we hope that the developed working methods and new ideas will be implemented in the near future in local communities, supporting not only young people with fewer opportunities, but above all by encouraging them to their own initiatives.



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