Youth Center in Zagorje, feels like home!


Coming from me, it can be a little strange, but your peace of mind is just around the bend in here. It’s always quite hard – or sometimes, EXTREMELY hard – to restart your own life in another city you don’t know, but If you are feeling lonely, sad and abandoned in Zagorje, Youth Center is the real solution for your problem. No need to worry and being afraid, because you can really feel alright in here, thanks to the Youth Center guys.

All you need is in Youth Center

Believe it or not, this is the place where you’ll wish to be, and you can make it familiar just in a few days or even less. Regarding this, I want to tell you my experience.

It was a night of August when I arrived in Zagorje: all looked so strange and unusual to me and my first thought was: ‘Oh shoot….Where the hell am I?? What the hell am I doing here??‘. Discovering and exploring the city in the following days I felt even more marooned, because I didn’t know habits and places, Slovenian language neither. My English was not so good, I also had several problems to understand it indeed, without mentioning my difficulty to remember what the people told me. I also had the foolish idea of giving up, I felt lost, disoriented, weak and alone, and it wasn’t a pleasable situation, absolutely.

I was mistrustful of everything and everyone, but when I knew the Youth Center guys better, everything is changed: I changed my mind about everything, my mood, my perception of the situation. I just needed a few hours to do it, I realized I wasn’t alone, anymore. Kind, nice, polite and open-minded young people to work with and to talk with about everything, laughing and being happy, even while working, without the fear of being judged. Do you need some help or some tips about something? They are here, always willing to give you a hand, ’cause this place is FOR THE PEOPLE!

Events, concerts, sport exhibitions, dinners, meetings and parties too, this is the Youth Center in Zagorje, and it is open to everyone. If you want to cooperate or doing something with the guys, doors are always open. If you want to take a challenge, this place is for you.

And now here I am, living this experience with a new point of view, motivated and determined, mindful of I am no longer lonely. But I couldn’t have done it without the help of Youth Center guys, without Nina, Vivien, Urska, Marko, Petra, Rok, Andraz and forgive me if I have forgotten someone.

Is my English still inaccurate? Am I a little clumsy sometimes? Whatever!

I want to thank everyone again, the game is just begun, and I am here to stay.