Škisova tržnica 2015

skisova trznica_Blog_ PHOTOSince 18 years, Zveza ŠKIS organize the biggest student market in Slovenia – Škisova tržnica. This is the place where all students can meet, have fun and drink together. How does it look like in reality? What is the point of this event from perspective of foreigner?

First of all, it is a great opportunity for all students clubs from whole Slovenia to promote their work. They can prepare some promo materials about their organizations and prepare some games for participants what will encourage them to join the club or at least to make them aware of existence of those organizations.

Secondly, this is also opportunity to make some new connections or to meet old friends from other organizations. So in general: meetings and “druženje” in all meanings :)

Of course, it is also a pleasure: there is music, some social games, a lot of alcohol and food :) This year, the weather was perfect – you could also just sit on the grass with friends and observe the rest of the people. There are a lot of activities prepared by radio or other big organizations – quizzes or even bungee jumping.

You can also go and try some international food and drinks on International Ocean. Foreigners who live in Slovenia – it means EVS volunteers, Erasmus students or casual workers – and international organization can present their countries or projects abroad. Everything what is connected with “International”.

In my opinion Škisova tržnica is a great event for all students from whole Slovenia. There is everything what young people need: music, concerts, alcohol, food, good company etc. They can have a lot of fun there and find out any useful information about Slovenian students clubs.