Opening event of our first High Beam in VDC

FOTO: Tomaž Zupan Photography (

Dancing together with VDC people. FOTO: Tomaž Zupan Photography (

On the 13th of April was the opening event of our first High Beam in Varstveno Delovni Center, Zagorje ob Savi, after we finished setting up all our 10 high beams. This was the main objective of “Spice up your life” project and all 10 volunteers got actively involved in accomplishing it. We were happy to take part in this event with the team of Mladinski Center Zagorje ob Savi, users and employees of VDC and locals.

At this event we simbolicly planted herbs in the High Beam that we had already placed at the VDC, the previous day, together with users from VDC. They will be responsible of taking care of the plants and facilitate in the future.

The organization team of “Spice up your life” handed us a diploma for our effort recognition to build these high beams and also grace Zagorje ob Savi and its surrounding.
After the ceremony the VDC users performed a cultural program, whereby the VDC choir delighted us with a traditional slovenian song, coordinated by their music teacher. At the end of the event everybody danced as a flashmob, as we already got accustomed from the Intergenerational Festival.

The director of VDC, Spela Rezun, took us in a tour, to see what people do there. We have to admit that we were really impressed with the great job they do at the center and great facilities that they have for disabled people. They try to involve the residents in many activities and to make them to feel useful for the community. They have workshops with different themes suitable for each of them.



Authors: Denisa, Nicoleta, Marisa (participants of “Spice up your life” project)


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