EVS te kliče! PL, HU in FI :)

lake_in_finlandVabijo te na EVS na Poljsko, Madžarsko in na Finsko! Spodaj so podrobnosti o projektih.

V primeru vprašanj pokliči Nino na 040 699 097 ali ji piši na nina@mczos.si.



POLAND | Krakow | 10 months | Deadline: 03.04.2015

Description of EVS projects:

How to apply?

  • fill in this application form – be creative and show us your motivation!
  • sending organization is MC ZOS

Please send the applications to: evs-ib-polska@internationaler-bund.de. The subject of the message should be the following: “EVS application: NAME OF THE HOSTING ORGANISATION”. We will only contact selected candidates to interview them via Skype. Recruitment closes on 03.04.2014 by the end of the day.

All the information can be found on our website: http://ib-polska.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=220&Itemid=144



HUNGARY | Szeged | 12 months | Deadline: 27.03.2015


Opis projekta najdete na tej povezavi.

Prijavni obrazec pa se nahaja tukaj.





FINLAND | Inari, Lappland | 9 months | Deadline: 10.04.2015


We are looking for volunteer from Slovenia who could work with volleyball programs in Youth Centre Vasatokka, Inari, Lappland, Finland. We are looking for young person to work with different groups of children and adults with volleyball in the sport centre of Vasatokka.

Youth Centre Vastakokka project no: 2013-FI-42

We are looking for volunteer for nine months project to develop our volleyball clubs for children and youngsters aged 6-16 in cooperation with staff. Project starts in September 2015. Job will include planning and arranging volleyball clubs and camps, guiding Finnish camp schools in activities like paddling and wandering, guiding international youth groups in outdoor activities like Arctic skills, skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing. In addition volunteer will sometimes take part in center works like cleaning, reception and maintenance.

If you are interested, please send CV and motivation letter to: info@mczos.si.