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Have you woken up one day and noticed some large wooden boxes all over Zagorje? Well, we are responsible for that! These large wooden boxes are called ”High Beams” and they will be filled with beautiful flowers and herbs over the next week. They are strategically located in different parts of the municipality, in order to make your city more beautiful. Some of you may have really liked the idea and might want to create something similar for your own gardens, so we decided to share our knowledge and expertise on how to create your own high beams! Follow the instructions below and you will have your very own portable herbal garden in no time! You can check out the pictures for further guidance.

You will need the following materials for an 80 cm high high beam:

-12 planks of 66cm wood

-12 planks of 226cm wood

-12 planks of 240cm wood

-12 planks of 80 cm wood

-Electric drill

-110 screws

-Waterproof cloth 2 pieces 240x80cm and 2 pieces 66x80cm


-Branches and soil



Firstly, you have to lay on the floor 2 240cm wood and 2 66cm wood to form a rectangle. Then you place on top of it a second layer of wood, this time with 226cm and 80cm wood, to form another rectangle. You secure it together by screwing in 2 screws on the shorter pieces of wood and 3 screws on the larger pieces, using the electric drill. You then continue layering it up in the same way, ensuring that in every layer you alternate the dimensions of the wood (e.g. if on the previous level you placed 240 and 66cm planks, on the next level you have to place 226 and 80cm planks).  You put all the pieces together and there you have it! Your very own high beam!

After the wood work is done you ‘dress up’ the inner part of your high beam using the waterproof cloth, securing on the high beam by means of the staplegun. After it’s nice and ready, place it to a location of your choice by making a small furrow on the ground where you plan to place it by using the shovel. Then place your high beam on the furrow and by using the shovel first place some branches inside and then fill it up till the top with soil. You can then plant any plant of your choice, such us herbs, flowers or even vegetables and that’s it! Now you know how we have done it and you can do it yourself! Don’t worry it’s easy and it’s fun! Now you can enjoy fresh home-grown herbs, vegetables or anything you choose even if you don’t have a garden!


Marisa, participant (Spice up your life)

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