Coffee on Kum – a must thing to do!

3. Kum_Blog_PHOTO

Everyone from Slovenia knows what and where is Kum. Everyone from Zasavje region can probably show this hill with their closed eyes. But how could a Polish girl on EVS exchange have this so important knowledge? The answer for that question is simple. She just needs to know the appropriate person, which will say to her: “Let’s go to Kum!” This is how it works here. :) And how it all looked like? If you are an athletic person, you can start somewhere at the bottom of the Kum – Trbovlje? Zagorje? Wherever, It doesn’t matter! :) But if you are not so athletic or its winter outside (we all hate winter and cold and this early-ending days…), you can take a car – sometimes you also have to take the owner of the car, and go by roaddrive up the hill, leave the car somewhere in the middle of nowhere and… keep on walking :) This is how lazy people do it.

When you reach the top of the hill, you can do a lot of things: just sit on the bench and enjoy the sun. This option is only for sunny days. You can also enjoy on a swing and feel like a small kid. But there is this one thing which you just HAVE TO DO! You just have to drink coffee in this small restaurant on the top. Of course, it would be perfect to do this on a sunny day, but probably it is also good to do this on a rainy day. And of course, everyone of you have already been there twice or million times.

But for this Polish girl, it was her first time. And probably not the last! :)