After one month in Slovenia

one month

What to say after one month in Slovenia…? :)

So this one and first month in Slovenia is over. How was it? Hm… I survived in Slovenia and with Slovenian people, so it was not so bad. :) Also it was not so hard as I thought it would be. I’m not homesick, got some new friends around me, some new tasks, some challenges. :)

Slovenia is a beautiful country, I knew it before and now I am more sure about that. So small, but not simple. Complicated, but everything has a solution, more or less. Comparing different parts of this country, I can also say that people who live here are not the same. Every part is different, also becasue of views – here, in Zasavje region, there is a lot of hills, Prekmurje region is more flat. It is similar with people and their mentality – everywhere people behave different and are either open or completly closed. The common thing for Slovenian people is that they are just nice. :) They will help you, even if they don’t know you.

Working as a EVS volunteer is not so difficult as you can imagine. Actually, it is easy becasue all people around you treat you like a small child, even if you are 23 years old. :) Of course, sometimes it’s really comfortable. :) To be a foreigner in Zagorje is not so difficult, everyone speaks English or Serbo – Croatian. The worst thing is a lack of sun, it always affects people. :)