Arrival training course

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So… how to survive in Slovenia?  

If you are going on EVS to another country, you don’t have a lot of friends and you don’t know where to go, where to travel. That’s why you need to meet other volunteers, who are also as crazy as you are, to go to another country for one year. That’s why National Agency organizes Arrival Training Course.

This time it was in Lesce, next to Bled. There is nothing there, but… I think that’s the point of that. :) 24 people from different countries came for more or less one year to Slovenia for EVS. And we all met there, we were living together in hotel, playing games, having fun and… talking how to survive in Slovenia with Slovenian people :)

One French guy and one guy form Brussel, who are living in Slovenia for more than 10 years, prepared lot of activities for us, tasks and topics to talk about. We were supposed to make one project in small groups. My group was trying to learn how to dance polka (this Slovenian dance, if you know what I mean :)), another was trying to get glass of water from local houses… In general it was a lot of fun these days.

It was also a busy week (four and half days to be precise), I was totally exhausted after that. But I’ve learned a lot: what rights and obligations I have as a volunteer, what obligations have the sending and hosting organization. And some more practical stuff, for example, that it is so important to get feedback after your work and… to celebrate the end of projects :) And they told us a lot of useful things to help us survive in Slovenia :D