So, let’s the best start!


So, let’s the best start!

EVS somewhere in the world? Why not! Long term? Why not! In Slovenia? Heh, why not! :) I’ve never met people who were on EVS, I’ve just heard that it’s amazing, awesome and just perfect. But why? I’ve heard that you meet a lot of new people and other cultures, you don’t need a lot of money for it, that it’s a great opportunity to get to know more about yourself, you can learn new things and also, that it looks nice on CV. Is this all true? Hmm… I will let you know after 9 months. :)

Why have I even decided for EVS in Zagorje ob Savi? To be honest, I was looking for EVS program somewhere in Slovenia or Croatia and my friend sent me a link to this one. So… I applied and here I am. :) It was a fast decision and it didn’t take much time to think about it. I knew that I want it, so… it’s simple:) But learning Slovenian language will be not so simple :D

Suitcase is packed with warm clothes, everything is prepared, so it is time to start something new. Preparation weren’t something complicated, the same as the decision about going to Slovenia. Some people ask me if I am nervous or calm… I think it’s hard to decide. From one point of view, I am sooooo excited about next year, but on the other… How will it be? Who will I meet? How will I find myself in this new situations? So as you can see, there are more questions than answers for now, but it will change soon:)