And this is the end…of my EVS.

Mix Evs

Before starting my volunteer service in Zagorje ob Savi, I was looking for opportunity for this experience for months. And now… it’s one more week and I will have to leave, this experience is coming to an end, and I can only do it once in a lifetime, so it’s the end of EVS in all of it’s sense.

But the nice thing is, that this experience has one beginning and one end, that’s why it is unique.

Now, I think I didn’t even realize what I was doing during this six months, it was too quick. I can remember a friend coming with me and dropping me at Madrid airport and now I’m speaking to him again and arranging the trip back, he will pick me up again in Madrid, it is six months apart but it seems like one week ago in my mind.

This experience was a mix of feelings, sometimes I was very happy, another time I was feeling alone, totally bored, but sometimes enjoying everything. So of course, it’s like life itself… it was a new life in six months.

I was expecting different things in this experience,  but sometimes things are not as you expect and still be great.  There were good and bad moments,  but I’ll will remember all the good moments, and use the not so good moments for learning.

The most valuable thing that I will bring from EVS, is losing fear of new things and experiences. 

These are my feelings with the experience in general, but also I have to say:

– I felt comfortable in this project from minute one. It was very easy going to the office or some other place every day, because of the people here, Mczos team, Pum programme and especially Emil, my girls from spanish Lesson, great people that were coming to English Meetings, the smalls kids in the kindergarden, school with Ana, etc. I could do more projects or events, but I feel quite satisfied with the things that I have done.

– And the country…Slovenia…ohhh! It is too beautiful, with all this hills around Zagorje and  the area of Alps, I love the color of its rivers! I was travelling more around Slovenia than in my own region, so you can imagine how much I like Slovenia!

– And about people that I met during these 6 months, from all the evs people to people that I met in Ljubljana, Zagorje or during my trips, most of them I met for once, twice or maybe 3 times (not too much), but still I really like that they were in my way, it was nice sharing these moments with them.

– And I have to give a special mention to my mentor, I always introduce her as my mentor, but she also became my friend, Monika! She was really important to me in this experience, always with smile on her face, and with a lot of patience with me, because I’m capricious and sometimes I contradic her LOL.  So, im usually bad at keeping distant friendships, but in thiss case, it’s well worth to put all my effort to conserve her as my friend.

 Por todo eso, sólo me queda decir un »Hasta Luego Eslovenia«