One begining, one end, unique EVS experience










Hi people. I’m a little sad that the summer is over, I really can´t believe it.
The last week I was in Mid Term Evaluation in Dobrna with some others volunteers around Slovenia. I spent five days with this amazing people and trainers, it was perfect. We were talking about a lot of topics, all of them in relation to EVS- European Volunteer Service, but the thing that I like the best is that the trainers try to motivate us to look back in time and reflect on what we have learned during these months, they want us to get the positive experience.
So, in relation to the project and the competences which I noticed or realized that I got these months, I can mention that:

– I learned to speak in public with Spanish Lessons project,
– I learned how to work with children in the Kindergarden,
– I learned how to be confident with people and try to be more open in general.

Maybe I have to reflect more on my new competences, but the other day I was thinking about the things that I did here for the first time, for example:

– teaching my mother language,
– helping as a volunteer in school and kindergarden,
– playing monopoly (hehe it’s true, never played before),
– teaching how to cook spanish omelette,
– I was in children camp,
– presentation about my country,
– for the first time I was hitch hiking,
– travelling with someone that I never met before and with someone that I met six years ago in Canada.

Maybe If I was at home in Spain, I never would have done it. So, it could be better or could be worse, but I think the speciality of European Volunteer Service is doing things for the first time and learn about them.