08.07.2014 | Blog

Two months

10506933_901214386561188_6547292454909987613_oTime flies when you are in a new place and you have so many things to learn and to get to know. Two months have already passed, and in this two months I’ve visited Ljubljana, of course; but also Celje, Postojna, Rogla and the Šmartinsko lake, near Celje. Last weekend we were at Lošinj Island, in Croatia, too. So little by little, I’m knowing this part of Europe, where I’d already been, but not for so long, and neither for a so deep knowledge.

I’ve been learning some Slovene too. Hard work for someone who didn’t know anything of any other Slavic language. But I’m learning fast more or less, and now I can say big sentences like En kozarec vode, prosim, and things like that. And also some other bad things, which I won’t write down here because of the kids.

Slovenia is a very different place from my own homeland. People here are completely different, actually. I don’t mean it in a bad way: everything has its good side and its bad side. And what I’ve always tried in my life is to keep the good things, and dismiss the bad ones. So I’m learning also good things here in Slovenia. I’ll see and make a complete checklist at the end of my stay here. So, until the next time, adijo!


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