DSC_1388I’ve just arrived to Slovenia. Why did I decide to come here?

Well, basically because it was the better alternative I had. Slovenia is not a big country with a big marketing image (I mean, specially if you compare it with the rest of European countries). However, I made my decision, also thinking that when I decide to go to another country, I commit myself to go the deepest possible into its culture and way of understand life. So, in about 2 weeks, I can say I’ve already begun to do it.

By now, I can say that I like this village where I live now. The landscapes are very beautiful. It is a little village, so without the movement that there is in every other big city around the continent, but it has its good side. Even Ljubljana, wich is the capital city near here, makes me feel a bit like this: like if I was in a big village, with the calmness that there is usually in towns in the countryside. It’s surprising that for people in Zagorje, Ljubljana is a big city, and people there are stressed and always in a rush. Hehe, I think they should go to Madrid for some day. They would come back terrified.

Until now I think we have been mainly adaptating to our new office and the way people work here. There are some difficulties at this point, like beginning so early in the morning (I think it should be forbidden beginning working at this time); but I’m happy so far with the things we have been doing here. We have spent some days at PUM, an organization for unemployed boys, teaching them some Spanish and some things about our culture, and I think it helps them to open their mind and see that are multiple options in this life; we have also spent some time in the garden, helping to prepare it for future workshops, which I’ve loved to do because nature here is so beautiful; and some other things, that so far I can say have made me learn. I hope things keep going like this in the near future.

Agustin, EVS volunteer from Spain