Mobility and learning

blog1As you all know EVS is about mobility, experiencing new cultures and learning by living. So I travelled a bit previous week

My first stop was in Pula for 1 night. I heard a lot about Pula and it’s beauty. I couchsurfed in Pula in a house of very lovely couple. They didn’t only share their house, they also shared their food, heal my cough and give me useful advices for city tour. I think that one day I will take long vacation in Pula.

Second stop was Paris for 2,5 days. I wasn’t planing to go Paris till get little bit richer actually, but I am glad to did it. As a big fan of Baudelaire, Simone de Beauvoir and Walter Benjamin, I was ‘flaneur’ in Paris. It was so excited to see places I’ve been reading for years. My second excitement about Paris was being in the bigger city after several months. I should admit, I miss crowded, overwhelming places, using metro and stucking in the traffic, even stinky smells of gas. I am aware it is weird but it was smell like home a bit. :)

Third stop was Barcelona for 3 days. Barcelona is such a remarkable city. Architectury is so much different than other European capitals, thanks to Gaudi and Arabs, more exotic and Moroccans. I reunited with my favourite snack, ‘Doritos’ after 4 months. :) It was 30 degree and sunny all the time, I put my foot into sea a little bit, but it was freezing cold, so I just enjoyed the beach. My only reunion wasn’t Doritos, I also had a chance to meet with Anna, ex-EVS from Trbovlje, just one week after her return.

Fourth stop was Bologna, unfortunately just for couple of hours. Actually, my only observation about Bologna is that it is crowded and expensive. I enjoy last traffic jam, before Slovenia. I know it become pathetic. :)

After exhausting but wonderful trip, I also visited my friends in Koper just for chilling out, but it turned out crazy weekend. They were planing to go to Črnomelj for Spanish Evening and I couldn’t resist to be with friends again and EVS people should support their events. :)

Our first stop was Postonja where we met with other friends, then many small cities on the way to Črnomelj. It was great evening and Črnomelj was so beautiful but I do’t know why my friends just decided to spend weekend on the seaside. It was good idea, except there is no transportation from Črnomelj on Saturday. We hitchiked succesfully to Koper and had a nice evening there and lovely Sunday in Piran before coming back to Zagorje.

Finally, I came home, tired but happy afterall. I’ve been in 15 cities and made 4990 km in 10 days and I enjoyed every km of it. It is equal distance from Ljubljana to Ashgabat. In the end, I got sick and couldn’t leave the bed for a week but it was worth it.