In the middle of the way

1900136_10152267029427048_1525296287_nI just realised that I am living in Zagorje for 3 months so long as an EVS volunteer. I experienced lots of things in this period. We are learning and experiencing with every breath we take but, before I never had chance to ask my self  ‘What did I learn this week?’ and think about it so long or report it.

During literature class which I took few years ago, professor used that metaphor: ‘Humans are like onions, we are carrying what we lived before, what we learned and how we felt inside us.’ That’s how we are growing as a human being or an onion.

Many people with who I talked during my EVS don’t consider this experience as a real life. People always ask each other ‘What are you going to do when you go back to real life?’; some people are considering this whole process is just an adventure. Even if it is an adventure, something changes the person so much that it can’t be unreal in my opinion.

There is no such thing named real life. Real life is just what you lived and how did you feel. There is no delusion that make the onion bigger and I will never say I live in a delusion for six months.