In the middle of my EVS adventure

1502271_689984851046162_1540977482_oExactly 3 months ago I came to Slovenia. And after next 3 months I will come back to Poland. Surely, I won’t be the same and hopefully this place won’t be the same anymore  Thus, this little blog post will be my nostalgic sum up of Slovenian experience.

So… here I am, sitting in this little city somewhere in the middle of Slovenia, where I built my second home. What has changed during past 3 months?

Obviously I met plenty of new people. Some of them will stay in my life forever, some will disappear after few days. What I think is the most important, is that I took what’s the best from each of them. Everyone has an impact on me, and hopefully I also made a ‘stamp’ on some of my new friends. I observed, compared and concluded differences between me and people around me.

As my previous foreign experience, also this time I consider it more as a journey ‘inside’ myself. Existing far from your comfort zone is a perfect condition to discover your fears, dreams and expectations, that normally are hidden under the blanket of comfortable routine. Some examples? I’ve never been a good speaker. This is what I thought while living in Poland. This was one of my fear that I cannot explain. Then, I’ve changed my environment. I took all challenges that were on my way and apparently first one was – public speaking. What happened after? I discovered a good public speaker inside myself. I had to adapt to my new job, so also I improved skills that were never used before. Again, unexpected happened and changed my opinion about myself.

Do you want one more? I found peace. I accepted myself, my quirks and habits. This is really important, when you live far from your close friends and family. I am spending a lot of time alone, so that I have to feel comfortable with myself. Also, this is the part of building my own ‘castle’. My moving home inside myself is build on self acceptance. And I advice all of you to make it like this.

And to conclude, what’s the point of this note? Why is this strange polish girls writing about herself again?

So, I want all of you, my lovely readers, to believe in yourself! To take the biggest challenges that are on your ways! And use your time for self-development. Until you won’t discover yourself, you won’t ever be happy. Observe people and surround yourself with those who are giving you warmth and calmness. Accept your fears and try to find a way to solve them out. And feel good with yourself, then everything else that you wish and dream about will just happen :)