Frame of refence

Nowadays I feel little bit of tiredness. I got used to most of things but still here is lot of things to perceipt. Generally, I feel confused and it is harder to focus sometimes for me since I came to Slovenia.
I learned notion of ‘frame of reference’ at university but I didn’t think about it untill last week.
Last week I was talking about clouds are moving faster here then in Turkey, then I realise unconsciously I am comparing everthing with Turkey. This is completely normal, but shocking discovery for me. However, when I am comparing everthing (even clouds) it makes me more creative, because I can see everything from different point of view. I am learning to look everything from different point of views. This is the most important thing I learned or discover so far in Slovenia. When I talked with my EVS friends, I discovered they are making same comparison with their own cultures. It doesn’t matter how far from home you are, your roots are coming with you.
PS: On 7th of March at 6pm I’m going to present my country – Turkey in MC ZOS. You are kindly welcome to come, learn about Turkey and taste some traditional turkish food.