Once You Pop You Can’t Stop

994435_622889137747778_1949979343_nThis month start quite fast, I was thinking I could slow down little bit after New Years Eve and Christmas. Fortunatelly, I was totally wrong. As you know, this is Star Wars January and I had to run little bit for it, I mean literally I ran for my life all around Zagorje. :)

Then, I decided to hang out with geeks, just to keep my sci-fic mood on. There was a refreshing training called Pop Up Media House in Trbovlje and Zagorje. We hosted 21 people from 7 countries. They all brought their own sprits, it was amazing. I haven’t work training in this size before Pop Up Media House; I should thank to MCZoS, MCT and Punkt. I learned from participants as much as from Pop Up, this is my gain. We had trained about how to create media strategies and how to use social media to promote events or organisation. It is turned out I am everywhere in social media, but not as a succesfull user. Espacially about twetting and blogging – am I getting better in blogging? ;)

I hope I continue to running around all the time.

Keep in touch,