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1555693_797905130223370_577967231_nSo here came the time, for a post with my advices about homesickness…

As some of you probably know, I stayed in Slovenia for the Christmas period. This was my first Christmas far from home and family. Can you imagine the feeling that you want to be with your family and close friends but somehow it is not possible? This is exactly what I experienced by choosing to stay here while Christmas and New Year’s Eve period. And don’t understand me wrong, I love Slovenia and I want to stay here as long as possible… also, I was not alone stuck in my flat – I spend wonderful Christmas time with my ‘Slovenian family’ (thank you Špela!) and after a while also my family decided to visit me here.


1503748_797905126890037_826192377_nHowever, here are coming my advices for those of you who are homesick, or just depressed. First of all – GO OUT! Don’t stay in bed, don’t listen to sad music and don’t stay ALONE (especially inside your house). The blessing of living in Zagorje is that anytime I feel bad, or I need to chill out a bit – I am going hiking around. Nature and forest is what helps me to deal with my problems, so also during the Christmas time it was useful for me :)

Next step is to talk. Share your feeling with others, open yourself and just throw out all bad emotions. I know that it is hard, but after few times everything will be easier. Believe me that I was not able to talk about my emotions few months ago, but mostly because I was living far from my friends, I had to learn how to speak about it with new people to save my good mood!

So here it is, some of the things that are helping me to live cheerful life far from home.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Joanna ;)