So far, so good :)


You didn’t hear from me for a month, so now is the time for a long (and hopefully interesting!) new post about Joanna’s life in Slovenia. And for those, who doesn’t like reading – at least look at my photos!

PB160036At the beginning you should know, that my last month was super busy, but I was doing all things that are making me happy and I love the most. Which includes travelling, getting to know new people and culture, and of course working in the best youth center in the world! :)

I will maybe start with my very first impressions about new host country. Already after living and exploring region of Zagorje, I noticed how beautifull Slovenia is. Wherever I look, I am always surrounded by mountains*, forest and generally speaking pure nature. For me, who used to live in the one of the most polluted city in Europe (Krakow), it makes a huuuge impact. So after just one month, Slovenia made me already more realxed and healthier :) Thaaank you!

*I know that for slovenians the only mountains are Alps, however believe me – those are REAL mountains for other european citizens!

Also, last week I had a possibility to explore the seaside of Slovenia. I had my On-Arrival Training in Strunjan. For those, who doesn’t know what was it about – we had a meeting with other EVS volunteers to help us with adapting to our new country, also to get to know each other and work together. Especially for me, it was the time when I got inspired by what other volunteers are doing. I started to develop my own projects, so hopefully you will soon read more about it.
After our week of hard work in Strunjan, we had a weekend in Mladinski Center Krško to integrate even more with EVS community in Slovenia. I have to tell that this week was very intensive, but for sure I will have lots of good memories :)
And finally, best part of my EVS is a working part! :D
I think that I am slowly getting into our working routine. I really enjoy to have conatct with people and also to learn slovenian as much as I can.
Some interesting fact of my work is that I have never thought about working in the school and now I am actually doing it – I am helping in english classes in the primary school. At the beginning I was quite nervous and skeptical, but now I am looking forward for each new class. It is very interesting to see how everything works from the other point of view (teacher’s side). What’s also good is that in fact those english classes are helping me to learn more slovenian.

Ok! That’s all for today :) I hope you enjoyed it, and for the next time – get ready for a little report about my Christmas (which I will spend in Slovenia) and New Year’s Eve.