Almost there James :)

So it’s four and a half months since I came to this beautiful country Slovenia. How do I feel? Great, I have never been so happy I am comfortabely settled in to my town Zagorje ob Savi where I have met so many new lifelong friends. What have I been doing since my last blog? Well I have been doing so much things such as making as many events as possible, every week I have rugby and table-tennis which is great and for table-tennis I have alot of participants but unfortunately for rugby there is only ten participants which is not so great but we really have a good time there.

1173888_10151538762666580_224504177_nOne  thing in which I am very proud of is me and the director of my youth center , every week we try to learn some new songs and some new music to sing and play along to, the director plays guitar and I sing and one song which I was asked to learn was (Rekli so) by the performers (Dan d) , of course I accepted the challenge and within three days I had the song learned so one friend decided he would record me singing this song and we did and we posted it to youtube and within a few hours the original singer Dan d commented on it and invited me to one of his concerts to go and to meet him and the band members backstage so on Friday the 6th of September I went to meet them, It was awesome.

More things which I was doing was my mid-term training which was held in Dobrna from the 1st-4th September. The hotel is called hotel Vita and it is an absolutely beautiful place. The point of mid-term training is basically to discuss how our EVS is going and what have we been doing since arrival training, it was a great chance to sit down and talk to the people in the same position as me and what eachothers experiences are. We started with the training on Sunday where we met at the hotel for lunch and to introduce ourselves to eachother, it was great so far. There  were four awesome trainers that were in charge of the training, they told us that we must make the schedule for our work and fun times on the training so we did. The main topics we discussed were how we were getting on so far and also what will we do when we return to our home countrys, it was very hard for me to speak about these things because Slovenia has now become my home country and I will do anything to stay here, so now for the remainder of my time here I will try some possibilities to stay here. At  mid-term training I met so many great people from all over the world and it was a big pleasure to share my stories with them and also to listen to there stories about there time here was great .

At arrival training we wrote ourselves a letter that we would read five months later and we could write whatever we wanted to, mine basically was a letter about my hopes and what I would like to achieve with a little box beside my hopes and then when I would read it again 5 months later I would tick the box if I had achieved these things. It was my best moment in my EVS life, it was very emotional time when I was reading it and also I wanted to share it with everyone because I was so proud of myself that I had done these things and that I have made a change here in Slovenia and especially in Zagorje ob Savi.

Right now at this time I am really happy but also I am scared for the reason that I will soon leave this beautiful place. I remember writing my 1st blog, it was about my coming here and my expectations of my further time here and now I am almost writing my last blog. Mixed feelings is the perfect words for this. I know that not much people are reading my blogs but if you are I appreciate it so much so thank you :). Until my next and final blog čau

Written by EVS volunteer James McCarthy