Half way there

1003715_10151607978788791_1168103058_nNow is a really special time for me because I am now half way through my EVS project and it is so great , I am enjoying myself alot more lately and now I am really used to everything around Zagorje. I have weird feelings at the moment , like I am happy that I am half way through but it went so fast and sooner or later I will be back at home in Ireland and this all will be finished so from here on in I am going to make every minute count. I really miss my family but always reminding myself that I will see them again so I dont need to worry :).

Today I am proud of myself for 1 reason and its to say that I have achieved so many things in these first 3 months things that I never knew I could do like work in an office with 6 other people, learn slovenian really quickly and good, make so many new friends I am sure I know nearly everyone here. I  have a friend that spoke no english when I came here and now we are having conversations together and it makes me so happy because he does not have to speak english to me because I am in his country but he still does because he wants to talk to me and have a good friendship with me :). Also bringing people to the MC that never usually come here are now slowly starting to come :).

I enjoy writing these blogs because it gives me a chance to let people know how it is doing EVS and what its like all the ups and down, but this so far has been the best experience of my life every single thing I do here is awesome and all of the people I have met here have been really nice to me some more than others but I really appreciate everyones time they have for me and I am actually around genuine people who like me and know my real qualities that I have. So this months blog is more of a thank you note to all the people who have been there for me and who have helped me along these amazing 13 weeks ,so thank you very much, you all know who you are :) thanks you to the people who read my blogs I appreciate it :) until my next blog , čau! :)

Written by EVS volunteer James McCarthy