EVS so far

996148_10201285190153239_918124225_nIt has been a month since my last blog update and here is some more of the great things that I have been getting up to :) . So where do I start?? Zagorje oohh Zagorje this great place which has welcomed me and treated me like one of there own, I really love it here. People ask me am I homesick? Well of course I miss my family and friends but other than that what reason have I got to be homesick, every day I experience something new. Things I thought I could never do I have done, one example was last week I went to the local school in Zagorje and I had to teach 4 lessons to kids between the age of 10 to 15. When I was younger school was not something I liked but when I thought the kids things about Ireland I had a great sense of achievement I was really happy with myself and proud.

My job is the best job ever, I LOVE IT its the most amazing thing to do and I really enjoy it . The people I work with are amazing , they help me when I need the help they are friendly and really crazy but nice people, just like me :). My job involves me doing things such as events, projects, workshops for the youth and for older people to. So hopefully people reading this will come to these activities which will be going on :) .

The place where I stay is nice, its in the center of Zagorje and its really close to everything. My apartment is on the top floor and there is no elavator so I am constantly walking up steps ha :)

Everyday there is something different going on, every weekend we go to some different concerts or different activities its great, just last week me and 3 friends went to a place in Ljubljana called Metelkova its probably the best place I have ever been. Its just an independant zone where people don’t have to worry about the colour of there skin or the sexuality , pretty much a no hate place.

For me EVS is like the sky it has no limits, it takes you places you have never thought you would go before and to experience everything new for the 1st time, you get to meet new people and make friendships which will last forever. I really cant put into words the time I am haveing here its just so amazing, every little detailed thing I do is great and I hope this will continue for the remainder of my time here and I hope that I achieve everything that I possibly can and that when I read this again in October before I leave that I have really made a change here in Zagorje and especially in MC ZOS and that people would say that they were really happy that I came here and done the things I have done . I am just sitting here in the office now and im thinking of everything that has gone on and that will go on its so great :).  If I could talk about everything that goes on here I would but the computer wouldnt be able to hold all the memory because I have so much to talk about. I am going to stop now, while I have the chance because I will never stop haha so thanks if you are still reading my blogs and until the next one :).  Also just to thank the people that look at these blogs and who are interested in what I am speaking about.

Hvala lepa :) čau!

Wrote by EVS Volunteer James McCarthy