Time to go back home…

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Last day at work… Sitting in the chair and the window in front of me… It’s a rainy day… And it seems that the weather is like my feelings… although we are in the Spring, sun, warmth, flowers, birds singing, rain insists to appear and make gray and sad days. Well, I’m very happy to go back home, but the constant reminder of having to say goodbye, leave this place and leave behind so many things, is making me sad.

Now that the project came to an end, the departure date is approaching and all of my stuff have to fit in the luggage, is time to reflect a bit, think about everything what happened to me during this 26 weeks in Slovenia and answer some questions.

What I have learned? / Have I grown or changed in any way?
All of my volunteering has been a constant learning process. I grew up on a personal, social and professional level. Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone so we can test ourselves and learn what are our limits, fears and expectations. Thanks to my courage, adventurous spirit and open mind, I accepted this project and came to Slovenia. I do not regret and never regretted having done this. Because of my spontaneous decision to accept this project, today I can say that I am a happier person, more experienced and more determined. Life is too short for uncertainties or fears!

Things I never did before  / 1st time experiences
At the beginning of my volunteering, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the wonders (or not) of skiing. Perhaps spent more time on the floor than actually skiing, but doesn’t matter. The experience was very interesting and fun. Another interesting experience, but this time with my feet on solid ground and well under the ground, more precisely 5km long and 200m below the surface was time when I explored the mysterious place, gloomy, dark and cold. I was in “another world”, more precisely in the coal mines of Zasavje. For me it was a very interesting and enriching experience, it is always good to learn more about Slovenia and about places with great value and historical interest and tradition! Eat shark meat, put my feet in the Adriatic Sea and stay far from my family on Christmas, were other experiences that I had!

What I would like to bring home?
Can I change Slovenia next to Portugal? We just have Spain as a neighbor. (Ok, ok and the Atlantic Ocean and the fishes!). I would like to take some things with me, but some of them are not so easy to take, so… They will go with me, but in a different way!

What I would never want to forget?
Small acts and simple words can brighten someone’s world. And during my stay in Slovenia, a lot of people had brightened my world! I had some special moments that I will never forget, but the most important one, was my Birthday Surprise party.

If someone would ask me: “Would you recommend EVS to others? Why?”. Without any doubt I would say: “Of course I recommend EVS to others!!!”.
It was an experience that changed my life and that will surely continue to have an influence. Making EVS is a fantastic and unique experience. It’s a life experience. It’s an experience for life. But above all, it is an experience that makes us grow!

Se vidimo ;)
Ana Margarida