P2160026On February 16th 2013, me and a group of friends, decided to go in search of fun and knowledge to Rudnik Trbovlje – Hrastnik!
After being equipped with all the necessary materials and with proper protection and security, we initiated a different but very interesting journey through the coal mines of Zasavje.
But before we start our trip, we had to travel by car, from Hrastnik to Trbovlje. From here it was time to start exploring a mysterious place, gloomy, dark and cold … We were in “another world” … More precisely 5km long and 200m below the surface.
For about 3 hours, we had the opportunity to experience a small part of Slovenia under the ground. A place, which people can’t even imagine, that they have it under their feet.
As a Portuguese, I can say that I already know a part of Slovenia, which even some Slovenians didn’t have the opportunity to see yet!
Every day for many hours, many workers working in those mines, for the purpose of obtaining coal. A dangerous place, but at the same time with so much to offer and discover.
For me it, was a very interesting and enriching experience, it is always good to learn more about Slovenia and about places with great value and historical interest and tradition!
We must not only know what is the sight of our eyes. Sometimes we need to go further and deeper and learn to appreciate the wonders that the earth gives us.
If you do not know these mines, grab the opportunity and go into this special place!