QSAOn 20th February at 07.30am, I started a long and busy day, but also a very interesting and enriching journey!

I went to OŠ Ivana Cankarja, a school in Trbovlje, to make a short presentation about Portugal for children between 8 and 15 years of age, which were divided in 6 classes. Afterwards, I also made a short Portuguese language lesson for some students and teachers, which will go to Portugal for a study trip.

At the start of my presentation about Portugal, students viewed a short promotional video about my country. Then I showed some pictures of famous Portuguese people, Portuguese events and explained some interesting facts about Portugal. Finally, it was time for students to clarify some doubts and make questions.

In the end, all classes were very interested about what they learned, showing real interest and wonder. The feedback was very good and they made a lot of questions not only about Portugal but also about myself.

For students, this was a great opportunity, because they could speak in other language and practice their english with someone who is not slovenian and they could also learn something more about an other country, culture, language. With this chance, they enriched their knowledge, broadened their minds and gained some cultural width!

I am very grateful for this great opportunity, it was really good to be again in a classroom teaching. As a teacher, teaching is always good – and even better, when the classes are about Portugal!

But my day was not finished …I also had my Portuguese language lesson with my students and to finish my day, it was time for me to became a student and have my slovenian lesson as well!

This day was full of teaching and learning processes!

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