Scouting as a life style

First time I heard about the ideology of scouts and their lifestyle was while being a teenager. Despite the fact that scouting wasn’t a popular thing to do, I became a part of it at 2009. Everything was starting very suddenly, when a good friend of mine suggested to her in the summer camp, which was organized by scouts. The impression was amazing! Believe me, people and outdoor activities are combination ever. Later on I also joined few hikes and became a participant of their weekly meetings.

Recently, I have experienced Slovenian scout’s lifestyle as well! As you already know, I’m EVS volunteer in youth center (Mladinski center) Zagorje ob Savi and my project here is about organizing events. In the middle of October I got an idea that it would be really nice to get in touch with the local scouts in Zagorje. I took an initiative and together we have developed an idea about orientation activity. This was the first cooperation between MC ZOS and Zagorje’s scouts.

The event was great. I enjoyed 100 percents! The great thing was that all generations (starting with children and finishing with seniors) were participating in our event. Another thing – each team had to do some tasks related to life of scouts. Probably I will never forget sitting on the top of the mountain, watching the Zagorje’s landscape at night and trying to make fire with few small stones.

If I have to compare and Slovenian way of scouting, I would say that was quite similar- except one thing: while sitting near the fire Lithuanians always bake potatoes, but in Slovenia I had an opportunity to try out totally different food named ‘Twist’. It looks like a hot dog and tastes really good! I will share this recipe with my scouts for sure ;).

I love the idea of uniting different organizations, which work for the same goal and for the youth, in this kind of projects. I can say that our event connected us and gave us new and interesting experience in the nature. Because of that I will probably try to organize similar event for my scout friends in Lithuania.

Written by EVS volunteer Laura Adomaitytė