EVS : the project that changes your life !!! !!! !!!

Hi everybody   :)

My name is Ana Margarida, I’m 25 years old, I’m from Portugal and I’m in Slovenia doing volunteering.
In the next six months, I will live in Zagorje ob Savi and the MC ZOS will be my new family!!!

My main interest in this project is engage my time in exciting experiences in an area so dear to me. The contact with new cultures and the opportunities that might arise from social and professional networking are also a significant part of my interest in your position.
This great opportunity will improve my English, learn the Slovenian language, meet a new country, new traditions, new habits, meet new people and make a lot of friends :)

But above all, this is a great opportunity to test my skills and my limits.
Honestly, it is not easy being  away from our country, our home, our family and friends…
We must have a great adventurous spirit and a very open mind to have the courage to do such a huge thing.

So, If you are reading this and you are interesting in help us, or If you want to join EVS volunteer’s group and have the project that changes  your life, and If you think you have what it takes to be part of this group and this project, what are you waiting for?!

Just come to MC ZOS or write an e-mail l for me ana@mczos.si or info@mczos.si.