Not just theoretical, but practical experience as well!

Almost three months went through and it’s middle of my EVS project. It means that now I can say not just theoretical, but practical part of getting experience while being a volunteer in another country as well. In case you don’t know what my project is about, I will try to present an idea in the short way. I came here to learn how to organize events, help while promoting and preparing environment, photographing and filming. So, this time I will speak a little bit more about two bigger events which I organized while being a part of MC ZOS.

First one was line dances workshop in the kindergarten. I am really interested in dances, especially Latino, folk and lindy hop, but it was the first time, when I had a chance to be a dance teacher. The main tasks of preparation process were to choose right music and choreography regarding to children. During activity happened that children were able to remember just 3 steps of 8. So, now I know, that pay attention on target group of participants is really important.

Second event was named “Destinacija -> Litva” which happened on 28th of September. Looking through all process of organizing the event it’s almost clear, that here was much more work to do than preparing dances activity. The poster had to be designed, printed and spread around. The presentation of Lithuania had to be made. I won’t even mention such smaller details as lightning or chairs. Moreover, we had to think about the structure of an event and somehow to find a balance between theoretical & practical parts. In general, the main idea, to spread European awareness and show cultural differences, was achieved. At the same time people enjoyed and had an opportunity to know more about Lithuania & EVS and to try out traditional food and drink. (What did we try out? Find out bellow!) Furthermore, one of my main goals before going to EVS project was to improve my public speaking skills. It means, that activity was useful not just for participants, but for organizers as well.

Speaking about future, I am organizing long term event named ‘ZOScajt’, which has some activities each week. For example on the 4th of October at 1pm will be a creative nails painting workshop. Also, next week we will have Hip hop activity. It will be on 9th of October at 5pm. In case you would like to join, you are welcome! :)

The “Pink soup” named Šaltibarščiai recipe (for two people):

  1. Boil 2 eggs and cut them in small cubes;
  2. Peel one bigger cucumber and cut it in small cubes as well;
  3. Take a small jar of rdeča pesa;
  4. Put all ingredients in the bowl and mix it with 750ml of kefir;
  5. Put 1 small spoon of sugar and 1/3 small spoon of salt.

It’s already finished. It’s traditional Lithuanian soup, which is cold and really easily made. You can eat it whenever you want: for breakfast, for lunch or for dinner as well. Also, here is one thing, which could be added, boiled potatoes. BUT REMEMBER, you don’t have to put it in the bowl. It has to be served as you can see in the picture and ate at the same time with soup. Dober tek!

Written by EVS volunteer Laura Adomaitytė