ZOScajt 2

23.10.2012 13:00 – Ping pong! :)

Labas (živijo)!

I’m Laura, a volunteer from Lithuania who came to MC ZOS to learn the basics of organizing and leading events. My EVS project is called “I’m in(e)venting”. If you want to have fun, why don’t you join us? :)

04. 10. 2012 ob 13:00 @Mala Hala – RISANJE NA NOHTE

Why not to look on the nail painting with a little bit of creativity? In case you would like to do it, but you don’t have a good imagination or ideas, we suggest you to come to our “Nails painting workshop” – “Risanje na nohte!”. The activity will start at 1pm on the 4th of October. We will learn some basic and creative ornaments. It means that after the workshop, you will be able to do it by yourself and without a lot of effort! Hope to see you in MC ZOS @Mala hala.

09. 10. 2012 ob 17:00  @Mala Hala – HIP HOP PLESNA DELAVNICA

9th of October won’t be a usual day. Why? MC ZOS suggests you to be a participant in the HIP HOP dance activity. The workshop will be led by Urban Tratnik, who is a dancer for 9 years already! It means that you will not only have an opportunity to dance, but to have a chat with an experienced dancer as well.
What do you need to remember? 9th of October on 5pm at MC ZOS @Mala hala!

17. 10. 2012 ob 18:00 @Mala Hala – JAM SESSION

Jam session – it’s an event where each person who likes music and creativity is welcome. The main idea is to create the music while being together and using different instruments or voices.

It doesn’t mean that in case you want to participate, you must be an artist or singer! Only one thing is necessary. Which one? It is an interest in music sphere – just join!

So, if you are person who likes music, of course you are, it’s not only an opportunity to listen but to participate in the creating process as well. Don’t forget to take your positive mind and friends! When and where? The event is on 24th of October, in the Mladinski center @Mala Hala.
18:00 – acoustic

19:00 – electric

23. 10. 2012 ob 13:00 @Velika dvorana – PING PONG

Do you have plans for 10th of October? If your answer is “no”, we have a suggestion for you! :)

We will once again have a Ping pong tournament at 1pm @Velika dvorana. Firstly we will have some trainings and practice, after that – the battle will take a place and we will see who wins :). Afterwards, we will take some time for ceremony of nomination for the best player. The winner will receive a special prize … ;)

So, why wouldn’t you try yourself in Ping pong?