Starting to explore Slovenia

Last week I had an opportunity to participate in on arrival trainings for EVS volunteers. During activities, we decided that EVSs (volunteers which are included into the program) have two separate parts of their service time. First one is the project and helping in the organization. Second one – leisure time when you can do whatever you want. So, this time I will present a little bit of my free time and trips to the great Slovenian places.

First stop, where I had an opportunity to be, was the seaside (a town called Piran). Before going, I thought that there will be a sandy beach with warm water and so on. But reality was a little bit different. Yes, the sea was really warm and the water was transparent. There just wasn’t any sand at all. Everywhere – only rocks and stones…
The other destination was Bohinj, where the EVS trainings were held. Probably I will never forget swimming in the lake, when it was possible to see the bottom in 5 or more meters of depth. Moreover, the unforgettable thing will be fishes, which were swimming around me! Also, we went on an easy hike in the mountains near Bohinj lake, where a beautiful river with ice cold water was flowing. I and another volunteer were thinking about swimming in that river. But when we touched the water, we suddenly changed our minds. It was maximum +10 degrees Celsium.

Also, I already had an opportunity to take part on a few concerts. One of them was an event in Ljubljana, where DJ Umek was playing.  I’m not really into the techno or electro music, but despite that fact, being in that huge crowd with more than 20 000 people was just great. Furthermore, one of my favorite bands is Sigur Ros and they will have a concert in Slovenia. So, today I am going to Maribor, to enjoy their concert and finally hear amazing songs live!

Written by EVS volunteer Laura Adomaitytė